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The Difference Between Listing and Marketing Your Property

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you were paying so much money to your Realtor at closing?  Have you tried to understand what they did to be walking away with such a huge paycheck?  Many Real Estate Brokers don’t know how to do, or don’t choose to do much more than fill out the required paperwork, get your property up on the MLS and show up at closing to pick up their commission check.  When you hire a Realtor make sure you hire one who is going to work for and earn their commission!

The two most critical things you must pay attention to when deciding to sell your property are first, how your property is priced and second, how your property is presented to the market.  If your property is not priced correctly you stand the chance of losing money by selling it too low, or not selling it at all because it is priced too high.  Traditionally prices have been established by sampling recent sales of properties similar to yours. In the current market what has become even more relevant is the asking prices of properties similar to yours that are active for sale on the market. You need to know with whom you are competing.  One of the greatest mistakes of sellers today is believing that their property is worth more than it actually is, pricing it too high, then suffering the frustration and sometimes financial consequences of not selling it.  If you are ready to sell your home, make your price competitive and appealing to buyers…and maybe even leave a little money on the table for the next guy.  In the long run you will usually come out ahead financially and emotionally!

Once you have determined your asking price, the next step is marketing your property.  High quality marketing makes an enormous difference in the quantity of showings your property will receive.  Selling your property is a numbers game.  Meaning the more REAL BUYERS that schedule an appointment and come to see your property, the higher the percentages are that you are going to sell.

Better Marketing = More Showings = Higher Percentages of Sales.

It’s not surprising that studies prove over 96% of home buyers today will first discover the home that they ultimately purchase on the internet. This tells us that a high quality presentation of your property on the internet is critical. If your internet presentation is not appealing, your buyer will likely cruise right by you and not look back, and a good presentation does not mean just good photos!  Presenting a property effectively is a skill and an art.  Our goal is to drive showings to our client’s home using the highest quality marketing materials available in Asheville.  We spend the money to hire the best professionals available to do the work using the best residential photographers, writers, website designers, graphic designers and videographers to make sure that your property gets the attention it deserves.  We won’t make this kind of investment unless we are certain that we can sell your property.

Real Estate Brokers are well compensated for the work we do for our clients. As professionals in our field, we understand we have a professional and ethical responsibility to provide you with the best professional service possible, and that is what we do.

Are You & Your Property Ready For The Market?

There are many things to do to get you ready to sell your property and your property ready for the market.  I will guide you through this process from psychologically “Letting Go”, to  simple things you can do to your home that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE when sharing your home with buyers.  There are many considerations to be made, more than you would imagine.  When your property hits the market you don’t want to miss a buyer because something was not right in their experience.  It is often times the subtle things that will change a buyers mind from a “yes” to a “no”.  Does your home make a buyer feel like they could live there?  Is there room for the new buyer to see the possibilities or are you taking up all the space?  These are just a couple of the very important questions that we will work through together.

If you are selling a home or property, we hope you will give us a chance to demonstrate what we do that differentiates Mark Fields & Co. Brokers, what we will do to maximize your chances of selling your home quickly, and with a minimum of stress on you and your family.  We are happy to provide you references from our many satisfied clients in the Asheville area.

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Thanks for your interest, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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